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Katherine O’Connor MAR CNHC is a professionally qualified Reflexologist based in the Reigate area of Surrey.

Katherine is a member of The Association Of Reflexologists (AOR), Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

Mobile options available. Please contact me for details.


‘Reflexology is for anyone and everyone!’

Reflexology for Health and Wellbeing
All treatments are tailored to the individual depending on current health, your personal target for that session and for longer term. Reflexology can help with anxiety, depression, relieve stress, insomnia, injury, reducing pain, musculoskeletal issues, improving nerve and blood supply, hormonal imbalances.

Vertical Reflexology Therapy (VRT)
VRT can be especially effective in the field of sports injury where a combination of classical reflexology techniques and VRT is used. Sportspersons, amateur and professional, are highly motivated to achieve optimum results with minimum invasive interventions and often look to complement the allopathic care they receive with holistic therapies.
The psychology of sport also encourages individual athletes and team players to look for ways to achieve that extra one or two per cent that can give them the edge on their opponents. Consequentially, many now use Reflexologists as part of their support system. Reflexology and VRT work very well alongside mainstream medical care, massage, physiotherapy or osteotherapy and may help prevent recurrent muscular niggles and accelerate recovery from musculoskeletal issues.
VRT is practised on the feet in a standing, weight-bearing position focusing on the dorsal (top) of the foot. Conventional Reflexology is practised on the reclining feet. VRT can also be used on the hands.

Pregnancy and Maternity Reflexology
Treatments are available throughout all three Trimesters and are tailored to the individual depending on the number of weeks pregnant and any health concerns you may have, especially common symptoms and conditions that are pregnancy related. Reflexology can help support and ease any fears or anxiety that you may have throughout the pregnancy allowing you time to relax and relieve tension, enhancing optimal health and wellbeing.

Reflexology in the Workplace
Work related stress is the largest occupational health problem in the UK today. This can affect performance and productivity, tiredness, increased absenteeism and low morale. Reflexology is a holistic therapy, dealing with underlying causes not just the symptoms. Identifying imbalances in the body can improve physical, hormonal or emotional restraints for greater wellbeing.
Reflexology treats the whole person and by focusing on prevention rather than cure, it can help maintain good health in the long term.

Reflexology for Palliative Care
Reflexology can often help both emotionally and physically after receiving a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness such as Cancer. Overcoming this shock as well as aiding symptom relief, general wellbeing and improving quality of life can give patients a sense of taking control to help themselves. A treatment would be tailored to the individual and can be adapted to your specific needs whether that is a shorter treatment time or a gentle pressure. Whilst treatments are generally on the feet, hand Reflexology can be used as an alternative if preferred.

Reflexology in the Reigate area of Surrey

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